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My name is Louis Elfman. I'm a Los Angeles-based UX (and occasional UI) designer.

Born with the curiosity of a nerd but the empathy of an artist, it was kind of inevitable that I would end up in UX. In the early days of the internet I didn't understand how I fit into it all, as I was drawn neither to the mechanical talent of graphic design, nor to the mathematical abstraction of programming. But as the landscape matured and the web became more sophisticated, I was suddenly able to start focusing less on the "what" and more on the "why".

At the end of the day, that's what I care about. The "what" of it, while interesting, is not my ultimate goal. Physical product? 10'? Mobile? All fine by me. I'm platform agnostic*. Why are people using the product? What for? How are they using it? Is it meeting their needs? Is it doing so as elegantly and frictionlessly as possible? Are there new opportunities here?

I've worn many many hats in my career, and I keep coming back to where my interest naturally lays: that tightrope between business needs and user pain/opportunity. The delightful strategy and usability puzzle of product design. I'm as comfortable geeking out over micro-interactions as I am at 30,000' strategy or client brainstorm sessions. Because in the end, what matters to me is eliminating frustration from people's lives, alternately empowering or (and?) delighting them.

I'm a quick learner, thrive on challenges, collaborate extremely well and speak both tech and art.

Specialties: UX strategy, mobile, solving complex design challenges, collaboration (I much prefer to work with teams than in my little silo)/cross-functional collaboration, wireframes (OmniGraffle, Adobe CS, Axure, Balsamiq, etc), mental models, guerrilla user research, IxD, iterative development, agile/Scrum (certified ScrumMaster), team recruiting and management, mentorship


UX isn't just churning out wireframes, even on a budget and a deadline. Here's an overview of my process.



Web apps, mobile apps, responsive web and everything in between. Take a look at some select examples.
NB: Because of NDAs, I am very restricted in what I can post publicly. For my portfolio highlights, please contact me directly.



Cum Laude from USC with a degree in Creative Writing, I've had a lifelong romance with words. I'm currently collaborating on two screenplays, and am occasionally available for script/narrative consulting. Please contact me for relevant samples and references, or take a look at some of my journalistic work here.